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I saw this book over at @Leighgendarium and decided to give it a try. I knew nothing of @cvalin before that, but have since learned he is a fellow comics enthusiast, which certainly shows in the book.

The Red Raptor Files follows the adventures of “The Red Kite” who is the sidekick to “The Black Harrier” — both of which are taken from Robin and Batman, pretty much in every detail. There are other heroes and villains as well, all with a Gothamite doppleganger. Because of these similarities, one could almost say this is a Batman fanfic piece – and it may be. But, it’s also a VERY good one.

The book is a page turner — I finished it all in one sitting, unable to put it down. The style was light and engaging, and the plot moved at a rapid pace. Almost movie-like. If you’re familiar with comics, you’re going to love this book.

Whenever I read books like this (and I don’t read many), I always think of the novelizations of popular DC storylines that I see in the B&N stacks. I was never that impressed by those books, despite the usual star power writers attached to them. They just seem clunky, or overdone somehow. That the magic of the comic storylines just weren’t able to transfer to the prose.

Not so with this book. It is a comic story written in prose — and a darn fine one at that.

I definitely recommend it and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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